TMGA presents its new corporate identity

TMGA presents its new corporate identity

January 18, 2017

Terminales Marítimos de Galicia, a company with more than 20 years of experience providing services as a marine terminal in Galician ports, has officially launched its new brand: TMGA.

The new corporate identity of the company consolidates TMGA as a benchmark in the port services sector in the north-west of Spain, underlining its commitment to the highest standards of quality.

The new look is simple and clear; in an effort to summarise, they have settled for the colour red and the acronym TMGA, conveying the company's commitment to innovation, efficiency and professional dynamism. The new logo and colour express the strength, energy and determination to face the new challenges that the company has set itself for the future.

The new brand, combined with the talent, energy and closeness of its team, is in line with the company's strategy to set up a modern company which is future-oriented with a long-term vision.

The new brand will make TMGA more recognisable within an increasingly global and competitive ecosystem, reinforce its leadership position in the national context and reaffirm commitment to the company's future development.

TMGA is owned by the logistics groups Erhardt, Marmedsa Noatum and Bergé.