• Skill areas

Cross-sectoral skills for dealing with personal requirements

We are organised in a number of companies and teams capable of working together to create distinctive solutions

Global logistics solutions

We design and implement global solutions with local knowledge: Logistics, port services, customs, etc.

Steel & Trading

We work with steel products and distribute highly specialised products for industry.

Smart data

BigData. Business Intelligence. Analytics. Semantics. Ask yourself what data can do for your business.

Import & Export

Customs handling, AEO (Authorised Economic Operator), integrated logistics, tracking, local solutions for global customers.



IoT, BigData, IT Infrastructures, etc. for redesigning & optimising new forms of mobility for people and goods.


We turn unstructured textual information into information of value for the justice, legal, financial and other sectors.


Flexible training for modern organisations: e-learning platforms.

Hello market

Breaking into new markets is easier: online marketing, technological solutions, flexible shipping tailored to the needs of each business.